• Specialty coatings projects

    Autoclaves are essentially high-pressure, high-temperature chemical reaction chambers, and Boeing needed a heavy-duty finish that could keep up — UreGrip 3000

  • MCOR’S Industry leading “Cold” repair and protection solutions

    Wherever erosion, cavitation, impingement, abrasive wear, microbial or chemical attack or other kinds of corrosion manifest themselves in fluid flow systems

  • Industries that using our specialty coatings

    No two markets demand the same qualities of their specialty coatings or linings. Because all of our coating, lining and OEM solutions are custom tailored to suit the needs of our customers

  • Explore the various solutions & applications that are offered by MCOR

    Explore the various solutions & applications that are offered by MCOR. Learn how MCOR applications and solutions serve your industry. From pump repairs to epoxy grouts, industrial processing to marine, their is an “MCORABILITY” to suit your repair and coating needs.

  • Advanced Mechanical Polymers

    MCOR is a manufacturer and supplier of industrial repair and coating polymers designed primarily for maintenance, cold repair and protection of pumps, industrial structures, machinery components and equipment.